Broadway Investing will primarily discuss the process of producing and investing in shows on Broadway. Carl will also discuss opportunities as they arise to invest in national tours across the country or in London’s West End. His primary interest is in musicals, both because of his musical background and because the commercial potential of musicals is often greater. This will not, however, preclude Broadway Investing from producing wonderful plays, which can produce a profit in a much shorter time frame. Carl has also recently begun producing films.

While Broadway Investing’s primary responsibility is to educate you on how to earn a profit as a theater investor, Carl also feels a strong responsibility to be a steward of quality American theater. His goal is to be involved with shows that leave each theatergoer with something special -- whether a new way of looking at the world, a magical moment that transports you from your everyday routine, or an amazing score you can’t stop humming.

Spring Awakening is an example of a new creative work that makes the audience consider important issues while also being mesmerized by the amazing music, lighting, and cast. Hair rocked Broadway with its message of peace, love and freedom—as timely as it was 40 years ago. Dear Evan Hansen had a transforming effect on both parents and children regarding outsiders.

Carl's goal is to give you the tools and insights that will enable you to earn an excellent return on your investment. But he also wants you to be proud of each show that you have helped to produce on Broadway; when you produce quality work with a great story and music, that is the best formula of financial success.